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Terms and Conditions of Sale of Digital Products
Third party software and account sharing
Bugs and exploits
Chatting and names
The list of violations and the duration of the chat lock
GM events
Lost or stolen items
Policy about involving in game proccess and Clan leaders
Staff members

Terms and Conditions of Sale of Digital Products

These Terms and Conditions relate to Digital Product sales; for our Events Terms and Conditions please refer to the bottom of the event pages.

  • By purchasing Digital Products through this site, you are agreeing to these terms and entering into a contract with Digital Data Link, victorie 8, Targu Jiu, Gorj registered in Romania with registered number 19112889 (“lineage2dex”).
  • Country of Merchant Domicile: Romania.
  • VAT is chargeable on applicable products if you are based in the EU and you agree to inform us correctly of your country during registration.
  • Return, refund and cancellation policy: Our policy is not to offer refunds on Digital Products. Should you consider your situation to be a special circumstance then please get in contact with us and we shall consider your individual request. In the event that we do issue a refund, your access to the project will be closed.
  • Delivery policy: Digital Products bought through the Store are delivered via
  • Lineage2dex reserves all other rights.
  • You are responsible for any local sales taxes.
  • For any customer enquiries, please email [email protected].
  • Privacy: we take your privacy very seriously. If you opt in to receive information about related Digital Products from lineage2dex, we will occasionally email you about that. Other than that, we will only contact you in direct relation to the items you have purchased from us. We will knever sell or rent your details..

Third party software and account sharing

Use of any third-party programs, drivers, interfaces, bots, even the keyboard is jammed with a match to automate the gameplay is strictly prohibited.
Punishment - blocking the game account. In case of repeated violation - blocking access to the project from any account, without any chance to unblock. So please, don't use any illegal programs

You are responsible for sharing your account; There is no punishment, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case of account sharing fraud.
Sharing this information is the most common cause of account and item theft. Our databases are very secure, firewalled, and patched with the latest exploit fixes. All passwords in our account database are encrypted as well for added security. Every single case of so called account being hacked came from individuals who share their accounts with family, real life friends, and girlfriend/boyfriends. Other occurrences are due to some sort of fallout in a personal relationship with a friend in real life, or a online friend! Sometimes malicious users will befriend other players with the motive to eventually gain their trust to steal items.
Regardless of the reason someone might decide to give their info to someone, just remember that we warned about it, and if something comes up missing, it could have been prevented by following these simple guidelines. It is absolutely essential to keep account information to yourself!

Bugs and exploits

Active exploitation of broken or unintended game mechanics (i.e. bugs, glitches) is not tolerated.
Punishment: Up to full ban to the project

It is forbidden to share information about an exploit with anyone except the staff;
Punishment: Medium

Chatting and names

Actively engaging in slander, racism, fascism, support terrorism or terrorist states, support war, support aggressors who start war, real life threats, insults or highly disruptive behavior in the in-game chat is against the rules;
Punishment: Slight - varies from a warning to chat or in-game bans depending on persistence and gravity.

It is forbidden to impersonate a staff member in any way;
Punishment: Severe

Indecent or offensive names are forbidden;
Punishment: Medium - character will be isolated in GM ROOM until name is changed

The list of violations and the duration of the chat lock

The list of violations and the duration of the chat lock (for violation of several points, the penalty is added by Administration decision):
Administration abuse (all chats, tiles in shops, without exclusion). Punishment: Chat block, temporary or permanent ban to project
Wrangling and challenging actions of the Administration (all chats, without exclusion). Punishment: Chat block, temporary or permanent ban to project.
Counter-advertising server. Punishment: Chat block, temporary or permanent ban to project
Advertising other servers (all chats, without exclusion). Punishment: Chat block, temporary or permanent ban to project
Abuse, veiled abuse, abuse in Hero chat. Punishment: Chat block.
Repeated abuse, insults abuse. Punishment: Chat block.
Direct or indirect abuse to the parents, relatives, any public chat. Exception: privat chat. Punishment: Chat block. On the second occasion - ban be ban.
Inciting ethnic hatred. Insult along national lines, any public chat. Punishment: Chat block.
Discussion of "bugs", "bots", including similar situations and same meaning in any public chat. Punishment: Chat block.
Calls for leaving or messages of leaving from server in any chat. Punishment: Chat block, temporary or permanent ban to project.
Real money trade (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 9999 minutes chat block, with account block.
Real money trade (offer of buying/selling/trading/account sharing) (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 9999 minutes chat block, with account block.
Spam bot - Repeated text messages using third-party software (all chat rooms, no exceptions). Punishment: 1000 minutes chat block. With 3x abuse - account block.
Administration and Support Services have the right at any time to block access to any account or block it without giving a reason. If believe that this account harms project.


It is forbidden to start an in-game shop right next to an important or often-accessed NPC, or to block pathways leading to them;
Punishment: Slight

It is forbidden to sell/buy items or account for any type of real-world currency;
Punishment: Permanent ban

Making fake shop or scam shops. Try cheat players in trade or private stores forbidden!
Punishment: Can be permanent ban to project including main characters

GM events

It is forbidden to enter an event zone unless the event organizer invites you or the entrance is free;
Punishment: Slight

Any unwanted intervention during an event is forbidden;
Punishment: Slight

Lost or stolen items

GMs do not restore lost, stolen or dropped items(can be exclusion if you lose items by server mistake or error). We strongly advise you not to share account access. In 100% of cases where items are stolen, those people with whom you shared access to the character are involved.Stealing or scamming of any kind is a bannable offence. If someone get stolen items, its no matter how u get it, it can be back to real owenr.

After a successful clan raid on Epic RB, epic jewelry belong to Clan, and CL diside where jewerly will come. If one on member get it, and don't give it to clan, we can return this jewelry by CL request.

How to bind Epic to clan if you give it for temporary use:
1. When Clan Leader gives an Epic to a Clan member for temporary use he should explain that he will request it back at some time.
2. Clan Member who got the Epic must acknowledge this by writing on clan chat "I will get from clan "Epic name" for temporary use. I agree to give it back on CL request or before I leave clan".
3. Clan Leader must take screenshot of this declaration and save it with date and time when trade was done.

If for some reason a Clan Member doesn't give it back or leaves a Clan, then Clan Leader can contact an Administrator and request the Epic back, CL will be asked to provide the screenshot he made before he gave the Epic to a Clan Member. Administration will check the logs and if all correct then will transfer requested Epic to a Clan Leader. If pass a lot of time, from moment when CL give epic (month or more), in some cases we dont involve, to avoide this, CL need check if all ok with epic, and make update screen with agreements (make it again). At less ones in a month.

WITHOUT THIS SCREENSHOT, WE WILL NOT RETURN ANY EPICS! So make sure you save it and have agreements with your Clan members and parties.

Policy about involving in game proccess and Clan leaders

The administration does not interfere in game proccess. Doesn’t set verbal or individual rules how you must to play and how mutch memebrs clans must have. We do not control or interfere in in-game life and politics between players and clans, this privilege lies entirely with the players.
The administration provides the game world as it is, how to build the game and the relationships between the players lies entirely with the players themselves and the Clan leaders.

Clan leaders are the leaders of their community, and in particular express the opinions of the entire clan. Before the start of the season, clan leaders together with the administration can discuss certain aspects of the game and make changes to the concept of the server before it starts. After the start, we usually do not make any more changes to the season.
Clan leaders do not have special privileges; all of the above rules apply to them equally as to all other players.

Staff members

Disrespectful attitude towards Staff Members is forbidden; Punishment: High - ranging from temporary ban to permanent ban on the user's machine.

Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs). These rules also apply outside of the game (forums, discord etc) The project administration has the right to block a player’s ability to send messages in the game chat and to block access to the discord server if it considers the user’s behavior inappropriate or harmful to the project.