Gracia Evolution: Episode One!

Rates: 15x! Grand Opening 20 of September 2019 at 20:00 (+2 UTC). Beta Test will be available from 17 of September. Pre-beta Available NOW!

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Our goals:

  • Creating new, unique chronicles of the game, saving all the best and taking into account the mistakes of the official version of the game
  • Preservation of the style of European medieval fantasy
  • The balance of all classes while maintaining the unique features of the gameplay for each of them
  • Regular release and full updates (Episode One, Episode Two etc ...)
  • Modernization and improvement of the game client, for the modern needs of the lineagers

What awaits you in Episode One:

  • Updating existing quests and entering new
  • Entering daily quests
  • Adding new locations and recycling old ones
  • Balancing classes. First of all it means the end of the total domination of the Kamael race
  • Daily and weekly global gaming events
  • Changes in the skills of castles and fortresses
  • Changes in the clan system

Updated character skills in Gracia Evolution​

For better balance and for a variety of gameplay - over 100 skills have been reworked. Now each class is interesting and unique in its own way. No more Kamael domination. At the same time, we did not globally change the mechanics of Gracia parts classes.

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Rework skills of castles and fortresses

Now owning a fortress can significantly strengthen a clan or party. This opens up new spaces for building combat tactics and strategies. Grab the necessary fortresses and castles to get an advantage for yourself or take it away from your enemies!

  • Changed the skills of forts / castles (Click Learn More to get Full list)
  • Changed drop from all RB in the dungeons of castles and forts
  • Reduced the number of Knight's Epaulette dropped from the guards during the siege of the forts
  • All castle crowns, not only Aden and Rune, have 2nd level of stun resistance
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Giran Harbor Fair

Giran Harbor completely redesigned. Now it is the main trading hub of the entire gaming world. The Harbor will be constantly changing and being refined. For example, in the western part of it, we plan to make a PVP arena, with a tote

  • Visual redesign, add more objects like shops, houses, ships, etc
  • All players have a teleport skill in Giran Harbor
  • From Giran Harbor Gatekeeper u can travel at any town
  • Point of interest, sometimes a special NPC with gifts will appear in Harbor (for example, it can restore vitality)
  • 2 times a day starts 20 auctions(NPC) in which at random you can find resources, supplies and other useful items
  • From 30 September (when 7s change in seal period) Blacksmith and Merchant Mammons will arrive in Giran Harbor 2 times a day
  • The port has a comfortable trade zone for players
  • Harbor have all necessary Vendors and Services (grocery shops, accessory, armor/weapon, dyes, blacksmith etc)
  • Here you can find Black Marketeer of Mammon

Changes in farm zones

Reworked most popular locations. There are convenient locations for both, solo players and groups. Changed drop in high-end locations.

Mithril mines

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Den of evil

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Forge of the gods

Drop and quest changes

Crypts of disgrace

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Field of silence

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Giant cave

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Field of whispers

Location corresponds to the Epilogue

Monastery of silence

Drop changed

Primeval island

Resists of monsters to the peak and bow / crossbow were removed

Changes on Grand Olympiad

Olympiad Features

  • Removed 3x3 fights and class fights
  • Changed Olympiad stadiums in accordance with the High-Five
  • Changed assortment and Olympiad's store prices

New Rewards

  • Added daily Olympiad quests as on the High-Five chronicles: 3/5/10 wins in a row, 3/5/10 fights
  • For each win at the Olympiad, the player receives 200 Olympiad Token

Weapon changes

  • Hero weapons have P. Atk and M. Atk according to the High-Five chronicles, but have no attribute
  • Infinity Spear - Cancel mechanic has been changed as on High-Five

Reworked olympiad features and settings

Hero Skills

  • Removed hero skills: Heroic Grandeur, Heroic Dread, Heroic Valor.
  • Heroic Miracle and Heroic Berserker duration reduced by 2 times

Olympiad Cycle

  • The Olympiad cycle is 2 weeks
  • Olympiad starts 14 of October (Monday)

Olympiad Details

  • On the first week all players with nobles will get 10 Olympiad's points, but there will be no fights that (first) week
  • Second week all players with nobles will get +40 Olympiad's points total(+10 points each day from Tuesday till Friday) and from this point fights will start

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